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We believe...


you should move and sweat throughout your pregnancy. We believe BIRTHFIT will guide you through your pregnancy and postpartum in a new way.  We believe it is a choice to be BIRTHFIT. A choice to be active, a choice to nourish your body with healthy foods, a choice to be present in the moment, and a choice to be structurally balanced to allow your body for optimal function. We believe BIRTHFIT is for everyone. Whether you’re a yogi, weightlifter, runner, boxer, or don’t have a regular workout routine, BIRTHFIT has something for you. We believe that BIRTHFIT is a tribe. When you choose to live the four pillars of BIRTHFIT, you will receive support and love from your local community and the #birthfit network all over the world. And you will also be supporting others with your presence. And, most importantly, we believe

in you. 



Congratulations! We’re here to help you rock your pregnancy with intention and prepare your body and mind for the most important athletic event of your life (bringing a baby into this world). BIRTHFIT Grand Rapids offers the BIRTHFIT's premiere birth education course - The Prenatal Series as well as one-on-one BIRTHFIT Consultations. 


You’ve cleared the hurdle of birth but (as you already know) this party just got started. It’s time to rehab your core, connect with other mamas, and enjoy your adjustment to life with Baby. Remember, postpartum lasts forever. We offer two different options for group classes - Breath and Flow (meant for 4+ week postpartum mamas) as well as the Postpartum Series (meant for 6+ week postpartum mamas).